Courtesy of Neocities, I have an RSS feed here, but you should probably bookmark this page to get the Details on what each update did to this place.

Date Updates
2024-06-11 Quick little CD & Tamagotchi update.
2024-05-17 Finally fixed up the webring section on the homepage, and added a very small Smiski update!
2024-04-13 Added a dragon, updated Buttons (new eye type go brrrr), and fixed up a contrast issue on the front page. Also updated my age!
2024-04-04 Added some more to the links page, and made a second page for... also collecting links.
2024-03-14 Manga update + added a cool header font!
2024-02-06 Added a new dragon, a favicon, moved widget to CD page, and got a status cafe acct!
2024-01-21 Manga update & some minor fixes in the Collections section.
2024-01-14 New Smiski, new webring!
2024-01-05 Dragon update (this time with Five newly finished/updated dragons!), and applied to a couple webrings!
2023-12-31 Manga collection update again! Happy new year!
2023-12-25 Flight Rising page update (four finished dragons!) & added a music widget to my about! Happy holidays!
2023-12-20 Got a new CD and some manga!
2023-12-01 Reformatted Flight Rising page, added my own commentary, and got another Smiski!
2023-11-13 Updated background images & kinlist pictures. I'll fiddle with the background pics some more when I have the time, but I probably won't replace the space one? Who knows.
2023-11-11 Changed the color palettes... again. I'm finally satisfied with it, and light mode actually looks good now! All images except the backgrounds have been updated as well, grab one of the new 88x31s!
2023-10-29 Fixed up various tables around the site, and joined more fanlistings!
2023-10-10 All images & CSS are now completely sorted out!
2023-10-06 Fixed up webring section in landing page footer, joined some new ones, added the tiniest manga collection update, and added some Noticeable accessibility updates! Site now has a very basic light mode dependent on browser preferences, and the kinlist table is responsive! Also started resorting images, which hopefully isn't as noticeable.
2023-09-24 Joined the Melonland Surf Club, and threw in a couple under-the-hood accessibility updates!
2023-09-17 Alt text update! Added alt text to the dragons page, and updated the landing page!
2023-09-11 Very small link update, I just changed my Anilist username. cheers
2023-08-18 Manga collection update! I really procrastinated on this until my last bookstore run of the summer, but I got the Paradise Kiss 20th Anniversary omnibus today!
2023-08-03 New Smiski, new dragon, and I threw the RSS link up there!
2023-07-21 Added 3 finished dragons to the Flight Rising page, and added my (brand new) art site to the links page!
2023-07-05 Made the landing page look better, and added some cliques & friends to the links page!
2023-06-24 I realize I missed the 1-year anniversary of this site, so... Happy 1 year 1 month! Updates to CDs, Smiski, & manga collections, moved website goals to about page and nixed the mini-changelog-preview on there! Also spruced up the CSS surrounding bullet points, links, and table borders.
2023-06-07 Kinlist update part II, added to the credits page and kinfirmed Doc Ock.
2023-06-05 Added a page for my kin stuff & baby's first javascript! Also spruced up the other collection pages, added alt text for the collection banners, widened everything a bit, & minimized the navigation sidebar. Credits page will be updated accordingly... soon?
2023-05-22 Manga collection update! I'll get to fluffing up the CDs page + maybe adding another page to the collections section sometime soon! (i'm not sure if i should put the new page in the personal section instead though... hm.)
2023-05-16 Fixed links + updated the changelog goals!
2023-04-22 Turned what was going to be a shrine seciton into a collections section, gave it a little bit of content, & updated the error page to look more cohesive. Won't be updating any further until finals are over.
2023-04-13 Happy birthday to me! Reformatted/updated about page & got the bare minimum on my Flight Rising page. Will be working on it all throughout summer break, probably.
2023-04-08 Updated the links page with a bunch of fanlistings I applied to!
2023-03-29 Joined the Alterhuman Summoning Circle! I'll be putting any other webrings I join directly on the home page! (also... fixed the last update's year. lmao)
2023-02-09 Very small update, just messed with the heading structure of the links page & fixed some images that weren't working!
2023-01-20 Fixed up landing page & background used for the sunset CSS.
2023-01-15 Overhaul time! Added a landing page & sitemap, messed with the sidebar links, finally got all three vpet/digipet pages working, & rewrote the about page! Also changed how I organize pages on my end & added some accessibility stuff.
2023-01-09 Added some buttons to the links page & changed the color palette Everywhere else! (except for the backgrounds but shhh i'll get to them too)
2023-01-04 Happy new year! Made a separate updates page & changed the color palette of the dark & stormy-ish CSS for accessibility. Updates to the other two sheets & all the images used shuld be coming soon!
2022-10-31 Made this section into a table! I'll probably have this table be a limited number of updates long & move older ones to their own page when this gets too big. Happy Halloween!
2022-10-09 Made the CSS better, added Two new style sheets (wow!).
2022-07-14 Got CSS on the rest of the website, compressed some images, added credits page. Will be fleshing out button page soon.
2022-07-13 Finally getting around to getting some basic pages set up & some very basic css on the homepage thanks to this layout editor. Will CSS the new pages and add the remaining pages tomorrow, probably.
2022-05-24 site made!